Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Susan shared some scarves she did recently.....

When Susan called to register for Melissa's Shibori Dye class the other day, she mentioned some other dye classes that she took recently in Florida and forwarded some photos for show and tell.

Both are eco-printing, as you can see. One, obviously, in an indigo dye bath!   They are lovely, Susan. Thanks for sharing.

So for those of you who are registered for the Shibori class with Melissa, remember that the dyepot will not be exhausted and we have a couple of days to play after the class is over , so we'll have to do some eco-printing along with whatever shibori we want to practice (or to make more of) !

I'll make a note to pick up some eucalyptus at Trader Joes  the week Melissa comes -  and then we can spend a few days after class dyeing away!!!

So here are Susan's two scarves....and beyond them, my latest collage which I added here since it also used some shibori/indigo dyed fabric that I did this fall!

It all gets me so revved up for Melissa's workshop here this next summer!



  1. Just looking at my post of Susan's scarves and my collage - it looks like we coordinated our projects the colors are so perfect together!!!

  2. So glad Susan is taking the class too! The scarves are beautiful and the collage a masterpiece! Looking forward to a year of creating and learning! And spending time doing it with such good friends!