Saturday, July 29, 2017

Susan's latest....

Susan sent a photo of this shawl she did in another workshop with Melissa - the White on White technique which I hope to have Melissa here for next year along with teaching Indigo Shibori. 
That attests to how great Melissa was - after her wonderful workshops here in April, Susan has gone on to take 2 more with her!

Anyway, Susan asked me to post it for her. Like Susan's last show & tell, she is doing some lovely work with negative space - it is so effective for a lacy border.

Wish you lived closer, Susan - you'd have fun at our "Play Days"!

Thursday, July 27, 2017

A couple more hats....

Sorry that there is no collaging or shibori to share yet! It's been too rainy to dye and I just HAVE to finish these hats before I can collage the bag I have in mind! You know....too many works in progress to be able to start something else!

But I didn't want anyone to think I had forgotten the blog - so here are a few pics of completed hats (many of which you saw in various states while here last week for Maria's classes!)
I have 3 more hats almost done and I WILL do another collage before I head to Maine for vacation next week!

Crazed, as always, but having fun....Jen

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

A collage Ode to Jen

Jen gave me some wonderful fabrics to try when I was at her shop last week.  I decided I should use them all and make something remarkable!  I love the colors and the textures and can't wait to put them into a finished piece! The first picture is of the layout and then next two after it has been sewn....stay tuned for the finished piece!  Thank you Jen!

Maria Friese Class on Vessels

I had so much fun at Maria Friese's class on vessels last week hosted by Jen Hoag at her wonderful store, Northeast Fiber Arts Center in Williston Vermont.  I learned so much and as always meeting people who love to work with fiber as much as I do is always a hoot!  Thanks Jen for offering such wonderful classes and thank you Maria for your incredible talent!  Love you!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Jule's vessel....

So Jules and I have been pre-occupied this week with Maria just a quick photo of Jules working on her Symmetrical Vessel.
We're both still inspired and will post next week. And I've got a few more recruits from the latest workshop to participate - so hopefully Martine and Victoria will be joining the group for show and tell!
And hopefully I can recruit a few more over the weekend's Poetic Surface Design to start contributing too!

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Jen's hat....

Here is my "finished" piece for the month....

I took one of the first week's samples, cut it up, and felted 3 pieces ( a brim, a crown and a side band) to sew the bucket hat shown below.

At first I loved the hat (actually, it isn't quite done, but I had the camera out to post something on the store's facebook page so I figured this was close enough - I still have to stitch on the brim edging, which will be black). Then I thought it looked like a couch (upholstery fabric and all!). Now, I'm not sure. But it doesn't really even matter - I learned a lot working thru the process! And I enjoyed the process. And it offers me another hat to show the felters taking my 3 day hat making workshop in August, another way to approach felt hats!

So still having fun with this felt collage technique. As soon as this rainy weather passes, I look forward to doing some shibori dyeing on the white piece I felted last week.

And I hope to see some photos from Susan, who is taking another workshop with Melissa next week! Retirement must be nice!