Tuesday, July 18, 2017

A collage Ode to Jen

Jen gave me some wonderful fabrics to try when I was at her shop last week.  I decided I should use them all and make something remarkable!  I love the colors and the textures and can't wait to put them into a finished piece! The first picture is of the layout and then next two after it has been sewn....stay tuned for the finished piece!  Thank you Jen!


  1. Great to see those fabrics laid out, Jules! I really like the thick black one with holes and I love how you laid them out on a white/light background for greatest contrast. I realize that I was in no state to really appreciate/look at the samples you brought with you last week! I should have looked at them before you made the margaritas....don't forget to bring them next time so I actually can see them clearly!

  2. And I wish I had gotten more of the white fan fabric you used in the background - it adds a beautiful detail to see those fan shaped motifs almost like shadows in the background.