Saturday, July 15, 2017

Jule's vessel....

So Jules and I have been pre-occupied this week with Maria just a quick photo of Jules working on her Symmetrical Vessel.
We're both still inspired and will post next week. And I've got a few more recruits from the latest workshop to participate - so hopefully Martine and Victoria will be joining the group for show and tell!
And hopefully I can recruit a few more over the weekend's Poetic Surface Design to start contributing too!


  1. Jules- you cuts were so perfect, what kind of scissors did you use? I meant to ask you in class.

    1. Martine had picked up a pair of Fiskars at Joann's during class and I used them on Sunday and they were fabulous. They had a bent angle to them as well as a sharp, pointy tip and they cut really well. I would definitely recommend the bent angle ones....they let you get in to some tricky spots!

  2. Oh Victoria that is so nice of you! It was a wonderful class wasn't it! I just used a pair of very sharp embroidery scissors with a very sharp point. In fact I think I bought them at Joann's Fabric. Hope to see you in another class. Jules