Saturday, July 1, 2017

Jen's hat....

Here is my "finished" piece for the month....

I took one of the first week's samples, cut it up, and felted 3 pieces ( a brim, a crown and a side band) to sew the bucket hat shown below.

At first I loved the hat (actually, it isn't quite done, but I had the camera out to post something on the store's facebook page so I figured this was close enough - I still have to stitch on the brim edging, which will be black). Then I thought it looked like a couch (upholstery fabric and all!). Now, I'm not sure. But it doesn't really even matter - I learned a lot working thru the process! And I enjoyed the process. And it offers me another hat to show the felters taking my 3 day hat making workshop in August, another way to approach felt hats!

So still having fun with this felt collage technique. As soon as this rainy weather passes, I look forward to doing some shibori dyeing on the white piece I felted last week.

And I hope to see some photos from Susan, who is taking another workshop with Melissa next week! Retirement must be nice!


  1. I love your hat!! It is so unique!! I really enjoy admiring your and Jules and Susan's creations!

  2. Jen The hat is gorgeous! Sorry I have been a ghost family here for the last week, now back to work!