Thursday, June 8, 2017

An "ah-ha" moment for Jen....

Day 6 -
Testing: use of an off white thread since the colors I put aside to layout were tan, yellow, and pale so I thought black would be too harsh. Also wanted to eliminate the layer of wisps between prefelt and fabrics to reduce bulk.

Discovery: impossible to see the white thread against the white soluble stabilizer! Duh!
But it turned out to be so much easier in the long run- since I couldn't see what I was doing I didn't stress about where every free form stitch went!

After the initial few moments of "oh shit", I decided to just go with the flow and sew by feel rather than sight. I could occasionally see a little "puffy" spot which meant I had missed an area so that is how I figured where I needed to sew. Otherwise, I just let my hands guide it all blindly.

When I got to the end of stitching, I flipped the piece over to see what the stitching looked like on the prefelt side (I had used a grey pe-felt) and I found 2 spots, each about 1 inch square, that I missed. That's it! So I just threw the collage  back under the sewing machine - pre-felt side up -  and free motioned over those areas. Sample is 15 x 11

First photo is layout, second is after stitching from the back side, and third shows the right side after stitching and dissolving the soluble stabilizer.

Can't wait to cut this one up and felt it. It is very lightweight since I also skipped the layer of wisps between the prefelt and the fabrics!

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