Thursday, June 8, 2017

More from Jules collages

The following pictures are of the ones I completed since we started.  It is really fun working outside your colorway, some of these I thought would be just horrified but once stitched I really kind of liked them.  The more embellishments you add, I feel the better, it really gives a lot of texture to the piece.  I love using the metallic pieces really gives the pieces some pop!  Also using a heavy lace gives a nice effect.  My next posts will just be a day at a time but wanted to catch up!  Love this!!  Thanks Jen and Melissa  xoxox


  1. So cool! I can see that you're really exploring the options on the free motion embroidery! I really love how the spiral stitching almost looks like a terrain map so my eye adds even more depth!

  2. OMG....they're gorgeous, Jules! Love the texture of the lace...and the fiddlehead-like yarn doodles!