Saturday, June 10, 2017

Collaged Cuffs from Jen

So Jules and I conferred and decided we would shift back from our enthusiastic, but exhausting "collage-a-day"  to a more civilized "collage-per- week" plus 1 finished product per month!

The reasoning (beyond that one per day was NUTS!) is that we need to take the collages to the next level of re-collaging into finished items in order to really learn best what we like in the initial layout.

So to share the first (post class, anyway) finished product I did, here are the re-collaged cuffs I did using up the ends from the original piece I made in class. The photo is coming out much lighter than they actually are (I used black merino beneath the collage pieces), but I don't know how to fix that! I cut a slit in the side for my thumb and did some selective shaping at the top and wrist for a snugger fit. The right hand isn't dry yet and so it is too dark to photograph - so here is the front and back of the left hand wristlet

Off to NYC for the weekend

...hitting some millinery suppliers, trim shops and fabric stores!!  Oh la la!

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  1. Jen these are beautiful! So impressed! I will work on something this week!