Wednesday, June 7, 2017


I established this blog, initially, so I could keep track of my collage samples and what I learn from each. I have another blog that I use as sort of a notebook of knitting, felting, spinning projects and have found that useful. And so I thought that setting this up specifically for my collage experiments would help me stay organized.

Then as I was setting it up, I thought maybe I should open it up to others in the class to post any photos or comments they wanted to share about collages they may be doing. Or shibori!

I'm not sure it is any faster or easier to post here than to send photos by email, but for me, it helps keep it all organized .

So it has become a sort of a "communal blog" for any of you  to share your journey playing with the techniques we learned in the workshops here last week. You may choose to participate, or not. No pressure. No worries. Just an option for you....whether you want to log in here occasionally to see what others are doing or if you want to show and tell your own creations. It is meant to be whatever you want it to be.

As some of you know, Jules and I have been doing a collage a day since June 1st (whew!) and been sharing photos with each other and some thru email with the rest of you.  A week (and we're talking work week, not calendar week!) into this "collage a day" challenge, I'm already thinking that I might need to ease back to a "collage a week"!

It has been great doing one each day this first week  - I've already used up all sorts of odds and ends of fiber, fabric and prefelt. Which feels great! But now I have a box of all these pretty little pieces - and I want to make something with them!

Plus, I actually timed myself on the stitching of the last collage sample I did and it took 1 hour and 25 minutes! YIKES! And that was for a 12" x 18" sample.

So I may only be posting weekly, but I posted today (June 7th) with the first 5 I did just to get things rolling and to get my samples all in one place. I've already misplaced a few photos of the layouts so thought I ought to do this now before I get into week 2.

So any of you can log into this blog and post a photo of what you've done as well as write any comments you might have about your piece.
All you need to do is click on the "post" button and then  the "new post" button and add a title and then upload a photo and write in any comments about it you want to share.

And although I set this up today thinking of the collage samples I've been doing, if you want to post any finished pieces, of course that is fine too. Or shibori results are welcome as well. Really anything creative with fiber you want to share!

Maybe I'll extend an invitation to the participants in the Maria Friese workshops here in July, too. And this will end up being a forum for an even wider audience? We'll see where this takes us!

Have fun playing! Jen

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